Team Handbook

To the Gymnast:

Congratulations!! You are now a part of the awesome group of athletes that make up the G-Force Gymnastics competitive team. We know you have worked very hard to achieve this level and we are glad to see you’ve got what it takes. You are going to have a lot of fun as a member of this team, but always remember that a successful gymnast is made of hard work, focus and determination. You will get out of gymnastics what you put into it. Also remember that other people in this gym look up to you and we expect that you will set a good example for them to follow.

Responsibilities of the Gymnast:

  1. As a team member at G-Force Gymnastics, you are expected to do your best to follow and respect the team policies.
  2. Remember that coaches, parents and teammates all put effort into helping you to reach your potential as a gymnast.
  3. Realize that in sports there will be up and downs. Accept the challenge for the duration and do your best not to let yourself down.
  4. Be on time for workouts with the frame of mind that you are here to learn and progress as a gymnast. If you arrive late, warm up without disturbing the other gymnasts and then ask your coach where to start your workout.
  5. Sometimes parents stay to watch your workout, because they want to see how well you are doing. However, you need to stay focused during your workout.
  6. If you are injured, you need to communicate to the coaches so you can still accomplish your workout. This is a good time to work on a strength, flexibility, or modified routines.
  7. Wear proper attire to every workout. Loose clothing or hair can get caught on equipment or interfere with spotters. Don’t forget your trampoline shoes.
  8. Nutrition is very important. It is at least necessary to follow the common rules of basic nutrition. Eat healthy and your body and mind will perform better.
  9. Conditioning is just as much a part of your gymnastics as learning your routines. Stretching and conditioning periods should be taken very seriously. This is how you increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance. These qualities make it possible to perform difficult skills well.
  10. It is important to have a good attitude toward other gymnasts, coaches, parents, and judges. This includes SUPPORT and RESPECT. Remember, these are the people who are helping you to become a better gymnast.
  11. If you ever decide to leave the team, you need to schedule a meeting with the coaches for the purpose of discussion and closure.
  12. Have Fun! Have Fun! Have Fun!

Motivated gymnasts:

Motivation to achieve a goal is an inner drive that is controlled only by the goal setter. Gymnasts who are motivated to become better individuals and valuable contributors to a team effort, set attainable goals and focus on working to achieve those goals. A coach or a parent can inspire an athlete to achieve, but the desire to achieve must come from within an athlete.

To The Parents:

Welcome to the G-Force Gymnastics competitive team! You should be very proud of your athlete. This is a milestone in your childs gymnastics career and the beginning of a path of learning experiences, challenges, and successes. Parents play a very important role in developing a successful athlete and it is now that your work begins.

Responsibilities of the Parents:

Responsible, supportive parents are a very important asset to the team. We ask that our team parents;

  1. Make sure their child is on time for practice. If he/she is going to be late or absent, please call the gym ahead of time. Also, keep leaving early to a minimum.
  2. Be supportive of your child and their teammates. Take an active part in the gymnasts’ development by supporting and respecting the coaches.
  3. Cooperate and communicate with other parents to assist with carpooling, team activities, and fundraising.
  4. Be timely with tuition, competition fees and paperwork. Any delays could cost the entire team with late fee’s.
  5. Communicate with the coach’s to avoid misunderstandings concerning policies, fee schedules, or other concerns
  6. Be flexible with competition schedules and travel arrangements, as it is usually tentative and outside of our control.
  7. Ask questions when not sure.

Supportive Parents:

Supportive parents become involved with their childs gymnastics by instilling commitment and self worth. It is important to instill the ideals that your child can achieve any goals that he/she sets for themselves and should always strive to do their best. Support from parents should be for both the gymnast and the gym. It is the duty of the supportive parent to help their gymnast through the learning experiences by focusing on the positive and celebrate the successes.

Responsibilities of the Gym:

These are just a few of the things that G-Force Gymnastics will do for its team members:

  1. Hire and train qualified individuals in order to develop a knowledgeable staff who creates a fun, safe environment for learning.
  2. Safety Certify and background check all staff members through USA Gymnastics.
  3. Attend State, Regional, and National meetings to remain informed of all changes in policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  4. Retain current USA Gymnastics professional and club memberships.
  5. Provide safe, high quality equipment and apparatus for our athletes.
  6. Keep all competitors current regarding athlete memberships, routine updates, optional codes.
  7. Coordinate competition schedules, fee’s and deadlines.
  8. Network with peers to exchange information and training techniques.
  9. Ask questions when not sure.

Motivated Coaches:

Instructors and coaches are observed to be the motivators for the athletes, parents, and program.

We find our inspiration from many aspects of our coaching experiences.

Every once and a while life will get anybody down, and yes, even coaches need extra motivation.

We turn to our own athletes and parents for the inspiration needed to motivate the athletes in a forward and positive direction.

So as you can see, it is a triad of people and relationships to be successful.

We are excited to have you and your athlete join our team!